On a major expansion mode

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On a major expansion mode

Post  rettin37 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:18 pm

Kochi, the commercial capital is the hot favorite of both small and large businesses. Since the corporation authorities do maintain good vigil on the main roads, there is much encroachment into the arterial roads by the small wayside eateries and other small businesses. Thus, even the arterial roads witness traffic congestions and traffic movement at a snail’s pace.

All attempts to control this trend has not met with complete success. Thus, improvement of public infrastructure requires much investment. Recently the Asian Development Bank (ADB) stepped in with a helping hand. Instead of considering the demand from Kochi Corporation alone, the entire corporation areas of the state spread across different districts have been considered when sanctioning the financial assistance from the ADB.

Out of the total amount of 1500 crore rupees sanctioned, Kochi Corporation is likely to get a major share since the cost of infrastructure development is higher there than in other areas. Even though the total infrastructure development requires a lot of money, some changes can be affected with the available funds. In addition, improvement in the civic amenities will certainly help the people living in high-rise apartment complexes.

The prominent realtors developing flats in Kochi are already preoccupied with scores of on going projects of different sizes at different parts of the city. Major real estate projects are still awaiting the government nod. There is also a talk of developing mega townships exclusively to meet the immediate needs of the people residing there. In Gurgaon, an entire township has come up on a vast area of land and has a look of a mini city that is able to meet its own drinking water needs and even properly recycle the waste generated. Similar townships, not as large as that developed in Gurgaon are already under development in the outskirts of Kochi.


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