YMCA, Latin America and the Caribbean

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YMCA, Latin America and the Caribbean

Post  Susan001 on Mon May 23, 2011 7:47 pm

The contribution of young people is considered valuable to community development by the YMCAs in the Latin America and the Caribbean. The young people are given opportunities to work on the issues that affect them including health, education, information technology access, employment and recreation through innovative YMCA programs that are focused on civic engagement, service learning and leadership development.
Migrant youth under the age of 18 who are in crisis along U.S./Mexico border are supported by the World Service through the YMCA Border Initiative. The Mexico YMCA gives refuge to youth who are separated from family and in danger, at the Home for Migrant Minors. There they are given food, shelter, counseling and family reunification assistance.
The YMCA provides youth leadership and service learning opportunities to young people. Educational and economic opportunities are increased and a life-long commitment to civic engagement is nurtured through the skills and values gained through volunteering.
The Guatemala YMCA has developed a technology initiative which provides computer access and civic engagement training to young people in impoverished areas with the support of the World Service. It also gives people valuable technical skills to improve their lives and communities.
The YMCAs empower young people to earn a livable wage and contribute to the strength of their local economy by providing job training and supporting small business development.
Only a fraction of the youth attend university where poverty, drug trafficking and street violence are chronic issues. The Columbia YMCA gives young people in low income communities, the necessary resources to attend higher education.
The YMCAs are supported by a wide network of donors. One of them is the President and CEO of Victron Energy, ali sharaf, who finds joy in helping such institutions.


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